Golden Handcuffs Review #13

Dear Colleagues, The new issue has work by David Antin, Charles Baudelaire, Charles Bernstein, Matt Briggs, Joseph Donahue, Francesca Duranti, Ken Edwards, Bernard Hoeppfner, Victor Hugo, AD Jameson, Leslie Kaplan, Jami McCarty, Susan Smith Nash, Toby Olson, Meredith Quartermain, Peter Quartermain, Jed Rasula, Joyce Ravid, Leonard Schwartz, Pierre Senges, Tyrone Williams, and Augustus Young.

To my knowledge it sells at Open Books, Third Place Ravenna, University Bookstore, Bulldog News, and Pilot Books. Your local store can order it from Ingram Distributors.

We REALLY, REALLY need support, so please hound your bookseller, OR you can subscribe for the hyper-christian price of $20/annum at the address below (checks to Golden Handcuffs Review). And if you want support bank liquidity through Paypal, please email: dominicaulisio(at) for details.

all the best, Lou

Lou Rowan

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