FutureTense Books Presents a Reading 7/8 in Portland

Hemingway…Mailer…Harry Crews…Bukowski…those men who wrote of rowdy brawling, fast living, and wanton women. Where have their kind gone?
Look no further than your own backyard, you simpering little newspaper writer! Two of Portland’s most manly are joined by Seattle’s up-and-coming hairy-chested star for an hour of big adventures full of large hard-working men…

Macho Male Writers of the Northwest, Friday, July 8th, 7pm
XV (15 SW 2nd Avenue), downtown Portland
(503) 790-9090, 21 and over
free admission.

Come hear these muscle-bound readings from sweaty new books by:

Kevin Sampsell (Beautiful Blemish)
Roderick Maclean (Tropic/of/Cubicle)
Matt Briggs—from Seattle (The Moss Gatherers)

The Men:

Kevin Sampsell is the publisher of Future Tense Books and the editor of The Insomniac Reader. His newest collection of stories, Beautiful Blemish (Word Riot Press), was nominated for a Henry Miller award by nerve.com and will be featured soon on bookslut.com and suicidegirls.com. He rarely eats vegetables but is attracted to food made mostly of meat and pork and dairy combinations. He hopes that his favorite football team, the Arizona Cardinals, will finally make him proud this season.

Roderick Maclean is the author of Tropic/of/Cubicle, a novel set in the Dot-Bomb era of rolling blackouts and layoffs in Silicon Valley. The story follows a man who loses his job even while his salary and cubicle existence persist; the book was bound with reclaimed file folders stained with employee perspiration and donut frosting. Maclean’s work has appeared most recently in Bullfight Review, Spork, and eye~rhyme. He lives in Portland, Oregon, where he maintains the most office-infatuated blog on the Net: “a href=”http://www.tropicofcubicle.com/”>www.tropicofcubicle.com. P.S. – for a cubicle honcho, he has extremely powerful and muscular calves.

Reared in the Cascade Mountains among the children of Weyerhaeuser loggers, Matt Briggs was strengthened by repeated beatings behind the Snoqualmie play barn. He has documented his experience in several books including The Remains of River of River Names, Misplaced Alice, and the just published collection of short stories, The Moss Gatherers. Clear Cut Press will release his first novel, Shoot the Buffalo this fall.

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