Future of Bestsellers

Shoot the Buffalo is a bestseller! A bestseller in the Small Press Distributor’s fiction list that is. It makes me wonder if in the future as the brick and morter store gives way to web-based stores if there will be bestsellers in all categories, bestselling titles with the word “Shoot” in the title, bestsellers among books with green covers, bestsellers by writers living on streets named “Ruffner.”

Small Press Distributor’s fiction list

August 2006

  1. Sitt Marie Rose
    Etel Adnan (Post-Apollo Press)
  2. Paraspheres
    Ken Keegan and Rusty Morrison, Eds. (Omnidawn)
  3. My Walk with Bob
    Bruce Boone (Ithuriel’s Spear)
  4. Necessary Lies
    Kerry Neville Bakken (BkMk Press)
  5. One Tribe
    Evelina M. Galang (New Issues Poetry & Prose)
  6. Foam of the Daze
    Boris Vian (Tam Tam Books)
  7. The Grand Hotels (of Joseph Cornell)
    Robert Coover (Burning Deck)
  8. The Activist
    Renee Gladman (Krupskaya)
  9. Shoot the Buffalo (A Novel)
    Matt Briggs (Clear Cut Press)
  10. The Girl Meridel Le Sueur (West End Press)
  11. The Week You Weren’t Here
    Charles Blackstone (Low Fidelity Press)
  12. Abu Musa’s Women Neighbors
    Ahmed Toufiq (Post-Apollo Press)
  13. Freud in Coney Island and Other Tales
    Norman Klein (Otis Books/Seismicity Editions)
  14. I Spit on Your Graves
    Boris Vian (Tam Tam Books)
  15. Peter: An (A)Historical Romance
    Jeffrey DeShell (Starcherone Books)
  16. Motorman David Ohle (3rd Bed)
  17. The Cuban Mile
    Alejandro Hernandez Diaz (Latin American Literary Review Press)
  18. Land of the Snowmen
    George Belden (Calamari Press)
  19. 10:01
    Lance Olsen (Chiasmus Press)
  20. Next Door Lived a Girl
    Stefan Kiesbye (Low Fidelity Press)
  21. Real to Reel
    Lidia Yuknavitch (FC2)
  22. The Singing Fish
    Peter Markus (Calamari Press)
  23. Phallos
    Samuel R. Delany (Bamberger)
  24. Sonny
    Mary Burger (Leon Works)
  25. Trino’s Choice
    Diane Gonzales Bertrand (Arte Publico Press)
  26. Necrophilia Variations
    Supervert (Supervert)
  27. Tales of Galicia

    Andrzej Stasiuk (Twisted Spoon Press)
  28. The Way to Get Here
    Gavin Pate (Bootstrap Press)
  29. Iroquois Creation Story: John Arthur Gibson and J.N.B. Hewitt’s Myth of the Earth Grasper
    John C. Mohawk (Mohawk Publications)
  30. Kinfolks: The Wilgus Stories
    Gurney Norman (Gnomon)
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