Four Book Reviews

Thats right.

That's right.

I’m not sure if it is the summer heat or that fact that I started running again or maybe a better brand of coffee, but in the last week or so I’ve published four book reviews.

1) At Fictionaut Blog, my third installment of Rediscovered Reading has been posted with a look at Jim Heynen’s should be classic You Know What is Right. Although Heynen has published several formulations of his stories about “the boys,” over the years, this is the book of his that I think is, well, pretty much perfect.

2 & 3) At Reading Local: Seattle, I posted a double review of two books by Seattle writers who also write for HTML Giant: Matthew Simmons’s A Jello Horse and Brandon Scott Gorrell’s during my nervous breakdown i want to have a biographer present. Typing the title of Gorrell’s book I keep thinking it should say, “my biographer,” but having read the book I guess he could mean he biographer, for instance the biographer of Lew Wallace or Theodore Roosevelt would qualify I guess. Publishing Genius’s Web site noted that Simmons’s book is currently sold out and will be back in stock sometime in August. This means the book has sold out its first print run. Nice work Publishing Genius and Matthew Simmons.

4) Also at Reading Local: Seattle I posted a review a week or so back about Midge Raymond’s very excellent debut and prize winning colleciton of short stories, Forgetting English.

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