Forecast by Shy Scanlon: Serial Web Publication is Live



The first chapter of Shya Scanlon’s novel Forecast has been posted at Juked. Forecast is being serialized semiweekly across 42 web sites. For a full list of participants and links to live chapters, visit I will be posting an installment on August 27th.

About the novel, Brian Evenson (Altman’s Tongue) said, “In Forecast, Scanlon invokes an absurd not-too-distant future that nonetheless seems altogether too believable and real. Tipping its hat to authors like Stacey Levine, China Miéville and Jonathan Lethem, Scanlon’s novel is part SF, part noir, part road narrative and part love story. Whether speaking about an effete talking dog, an underground edu-musement park or the convoluted heartbreak of a man deep in love with the woman he’s been trained to watch, Shya Scanlon’s is a new and vital voice in fabulist fiction.”

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