Faire Gallery/Cafe Open Mic – 2nd Tuesday of Every Month

I went to the Faire Gallery/Cafe Open Mic in the shadow of the silver canisters of the Met Park Office towards at the foot of Capitol Hill in Seattle. It was a great evening with all the readers good and short. I saw Willie Smith, who has also been posting his readings on YouTube. Willie reports that his video HOW THE COPS FIXED MY ASS was “accidently removed from YouTube. Another friend won’t use Gmail because she says Google is Evil. She doesn’t trust that her data is save with them. Any coporation with the mission statement, “Don’t be Evil,” makes you wonder. Are they really removing Willie Smith’s video? (It is there now.)

Anyway here is the info about the Open Mic:

Open Mic
The David C. LaTerre Memorial Park’n’Ride
Tuesday, Nov. 11th 2008

Parking Attendant: Roger Weaver

Second Tuesday of Every Month we reconfigure the chairs and sofas so that parking becomes available and rides can be taken, free of charge.
Sandwiches and beer available for purchase. No fear of DUIs while parked.

Park Opens: 7pm
Ride Begins: 7:30pm

Faire Gallery/Cafe
1351 E Olive Way

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