Conflict of Interest, I can’t do November InPrint

I won’t be able to participate in the November InPrint event at Richard Hugo House. It was my misunderstanding when I initially approached them about talking experience as a panelist for 4Culture and along with the arts administrators of Seattle fairly robust grant giving arts community that the event would be a no charge event offered to writers around town.

In fact it was pretty important to me that this event be offered without charge because the process of applying for grants is a process that is arduous and very off putting for most writers. Hugo House was only talking three or five dollars. This isn’t a lot, but in my experience talking to writers as a former writer-in-residence at Hugo House, there are a lot of writers in Seattle for whom three or five dollars means they won’t do something; they won’t come to a literary event; and they won’t pay to make copies for a grant application.

I was hoping to talk to these very writes at Hugo House and encourage them in not shying away from standing up for their writing in a grant application and saying to a government agency that their writing is worth something and here is why it is worth something. In serving on this 4Culture panel this last year I was struck by how poorly written and conceived the literary applications were in comparison to the often elegant and sometime enjoyable applications assembled by the dancers, film makers and visual artists of Seattle.

In trying to force the issue with Hugo House, I overstated my case and said I would cancel my participation in the event if they didn’t relent on the charge. Lyall Bush, the Programs Manager at Hugo House, wouldn’t relent on the charge, so I’m out.

My apologies if you were planning on attending this event. Please feel free to e-mail me and I’ll let you know (for free) what I was going to talk about.


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