Take a look, a careful look, at the picture on I found on post “Book compost” at a blog called OnePotMeal. This is demoralizing on several fronts. Perhaps my book is an example of a high quality additive mentioned in his post? Or it could also be in dire need of an infusion of outstanding literature.

There is the equally disturbing aspect that I am scouring the Web so thoroughly that I actually uncovered this image.

A more positive note was uncovered on Bill Allegrezza‘s blog.

Otherwise Shoot the Buffalo has failed to penetrate the so called blogosphere aside from my own unending efforts here.

A while back, The New York Times ran an article about authors as googlebators.

Almost every author I know with a new book does it – the embarrassing, nearly irresistible, ritualistic dip into Internet-assisted narcissism.
— “What Are the Blogs Saying About Me?” by Pamela Paul

I am, thankfully, not alone in my furtive efforts.

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