Clear Cut Press Atlantic Basin Initiative, February 24-27, 2006

Clear Cut Press publisher Rich Jensen has made plans for an invasion of the lands edging the Atlantic Ocean and has equipped a van loaded with musicians [or “projective environmentalists” since music is just one of the media cast by We Two and the Universe, aka, Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans], Clear Cut sales force and archivists, and two writers of recent works issued by the press– Stacey Levine and myself. We will be staging events in Philadelphia (Space 1026) , NYC (MoMA’s P.S.1), and Providence. Sadly I will need to return to my “end cap” cubicle before the invasion has achieved its final stage in Rhode Island.

Jona wrote this on this site regarding the trip:

“As musical directors of the overall event, Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans will design an atmosphere or vibe zone which will pointedly suggest a new stance for readings, one more akin to the independent music subculture from which Clear Cut Press emerged. Using an overwhelming (to them) multimedia format, their presentation “We Two And The Universe” will collapse the staid and academic format of the reading event, and from its remains present a nascent perspective on science, music, and literature… aka an intellectual make-out space.”

Check out his site, or Clear Cut’s site.

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