Chicago Bookstore Readings

Matt Briggs ChicagoI’ll be reading this next week (if you happen to be in Chicago) at Quimby’s (1854 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 tel. 773-342-0910) on Sunday April 22nd (4 pm.) and at Series A on Tuesday April 24th in Hyde Park at 7 p.m.

At Quimby’s I’ll be reading out loud curtsey of Punk Planet with Ann Elizabeth Moore (editor of Best American Graphic Novels, author of Hey, Kidz! Buy This Book, etc.) and Patrick Somerville (author of Trouble). Mr. Sommerville has possession of a boomerrang and says he actually knows how to throw it so that it will return to his hand. I’m hoping to take lessons. I used to try to throw bommerrangs over my brother’s head so that it would sail past him and return to my hand. Instead thes stick whirled into his shin. He yelped.

At Series A, I’ll be reading with Robert Archambeau and the mysterious Kass Fleicher. Archambeau is the author of the forthcoming (forthwith) book Laureates and Heretics, 2004’s Home and Variations, and others. Kass Fleicher lives in a windowless room overlooking a remote North Dakota mountain.

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