Chewbacca in Narnia

I also saw Chewbacca in Narnia. This has been a widely observed phenomena. Weird. I forget who was saying* that Santa Claus is part of a training myth for the post-modern mind and our belief in a monetary system based on faith. 1) Santa Claus [leaves presents] 2) Easter Bunny [leaves chocolate] 3) Tooth Fairy. [leaves American currency with the words “in god we trust”.] And the gradual de-masking of each of these myths is also important. At the center of dialogue is the question “is santa claus/god/money real?” undercut with the understanding, “I don’t want to question it too deeply because I don’t want to destroy the value added by faith.” This is post-mod deconstruction at its height. There has also been a recent argument put forward by The Republican War on Science that post-modern theory has been embraced by right wing think tanks and that the kind of dialectic explored by post-mod theorists is central to the practical blinding of the american public.

It was very revealing recently to hear people bring up the “War on Christmas,” as in “Merry Christmams” vs “Happy Holidays,” as a way of obstificating any sense behind 1) the president breaking the law and 2) the fact that the US has declared war on the rest of the planet. While the poeple I was with knew it was a frivilous topic, these lab tech liberals I work with, they were also completely absorbed about talking about it because it became a kind of interplay between various value systems. In the same way, I think to have cross references in movies like Narnia and Star Wars develops a kind of mythological dense cloud that displaces a real engagement with the world. Narnia‘s director created Shrek and Shrek II which I think are the most overt offenders in this regard. These movies would be almost completely incomprehensible if we didn’t live in a world crowded with Chewbaccas. It’s kind of like a game of Three Card Monte with objective reality beind the thing being carted around.

A review of the movie: I thought The White Witch was scary, and the movie a kind of crusader-in-training movie for the kindergartner set. Very weird to see children in combat. I hope it becomes even more odd and not the way things are in the future. The movie confirms once again that the root of the fantasy genre is always a tale of genocide. C++ (B- with extra credit)

* Ah. It was Chuck Palahniuk. Always a source of thoughtful and reliable theories.

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