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The Man Who Couldn’t Blog has posted some illustrations I drew for his posts. An illustrations looks like this, a post look like this. They are all here.

October 18

Checked the sample locker, and it’s been static for some time. No one cares anymore, like this is it.

Surroundings? It’s gray all over. Walls. Chairs. Bins. Counter. Coffee pot. Coffee har har. Leaves. I bring them in and tape them to the wall. Scotch tape. Gray tape dispenser.

Better for them. No stimulus.

* * *

In other blog-style news, I’ve started to receive great contributions to my blog, A Boy, a Cat, a Lifeboat. I’ve already posted a piece by Brandon Scott Gorrell and will post today a confession by John Olson. In the next couple of weeks work by Claudia Smith and Justin Dobbs. I hope you are interested in sending something in.

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