Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality and Shoot the Buffalo

2008-07-02-blacksabbath.jpgLaura Pearson posted lists of reading suggestions for summer, Preserving Our Independents: Summer Reading List, from the likes of David Lasky (Comix drawer in Seattle), Jonathan Messinger (featherproof books in Chicago), and Mairead Case (Proximity magazine in Chicago). Mairead Case had a list that had both a 33 1/3 book about Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality as well my novel, Shoot the Buffalo. I had never listened to any Black Sabbath, really, until this last winter and as of June 14th, according to my iTunes, I’ve listened to the 5:17 minutes of “Children of the Grave” 54 times … starting there to the end of the album skipping over the changing-it-up tune “Solitude” 32 times. I’m not sure what these metrics reveal, except I keep listening to Master of Reality. The heavy metal is supposed to do bad things to a person’s brain. I should read the book, I guess.


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