Birkensnake II

Birkensnake II released

Birkensnake II released

Two copies of Birkensnake arrived in the mail on Friday smelling faintly of hardware store cleaning solvent, fuzzy to the touch, and filled with great new stories by the likes of Blake Butler, Danielle Dutton, Caren Gussoff, and Evelyn Hampton. The magazine is a bit like huffing from a cone made out of sandpaper while hiding behind the dumpsters in the alley near your local Ace Hardware. You know, that familiar old time sensation. The issue also contains my story, “Knot.” You can find the text online for your reading pleasure, OR you can order the tactile, visual, and olfactory sensation (for $4) online or find it at a select bookstore. In Seattle this bookstore is: The Inner Chapters Bookstore & Cafe on South Lake Union.

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  1. evelynhampton September 6, 2009 at 6:24 pm #

    Seattle represents in this issue.

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