Announcing the re-release of Shoot the Buffalo

Shoot the Buffalo

Shoot the Buffalo - Jank Edition

available for $20 (paper) $10 (ebook), free (reading commons)

My novel Shoot the Buffalo has recently been re-issued by the Publication Studio in Portland, OR. Clear Cut Press published the novel in late 2005 as part of its first “season” of books. Shoot the Buffalo was briefly a bestseller through the distributor, SPD, and then sold out by the summer of 2006. At the end of 2006, the Before Columbus Foundation awarded the book an American Book Award. The book was never widely available since only Independent Bookstores — you know real bookstores! — were the ones to stock it. It could be bought on the shelves of the Elliott Bay Book Co., UW Bookstore, Powell’s, Quimbys in Chicago, and St. Marks in New York. I can account for the few remaining copies on shelves: Powell’s has a copy. There are some copies still at the UW Bookstore. City Lights has one.

Luckily for my novel the same editor who initially accepted the book for publication by Clear Cut Press, novelist Matthew Stadler, started a new publication business, The Publication Studio, and he was interested in rescuing Shoot the Buffalo from oblivion.

Since September, Matthew Stadler and Patricia No have been bringing the corner to life every morning, rolling the presses of their industry-changing venture, Publication Studio, from dawn to midday. Stadler likens the business to a neighborhood bakery, opening at six a.m. to create their wares and having them ready to sell by later that morning. But, in this case, they’re printing and binding books, not baking scones.
Liz Hummer in Nieghborhood Downtown Notes about the Publication Studio

Last month, copies of the book were ordered by the Sorrento Hotel in Seattle to be stocked in their lobby in a mini-bookstore where books can be ordered as part of room service. But the book was not available yet online. This last week, the Publication Studio has expanded its Web site and you can now purchase the book directly (transactions handled by PayPal) for $20 plus shipping. With each order, the Publication Studio will print, bind, and date stamp, and mail you a unique copy. If you are equipped with an ebook reader capable of using PDF files (an iphone, ipod touch, Sony ebook reader, Kindle DX, Nook, or laptop) you can purchase a PDF for $10 (no shipping costs) and have a copy right away.

Or if these options are too expensive, you can also read a copy for free from the Publication Studio’s Reading Commons.

Anyone who is interested can also share commentary directly on the book. You might think of it is a digital copy of a shared book where the pages are festooned with post-it notes. Using the Reading Commons, readers can make annotations and share their commentary about books published by the Publication Studio. You can access each book with this feature from the Publication Studio store by clicking the green link labeled “free reading commons.

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