Amelia Rosselli at the Shafer Baillie Mansion (5-22-2010)

On Saturday, I’m reading along with Dot Devota, Dickey Nesenger, Francia Recalde, and Brandon Shimoda read from Amelia Rosselli and our own work to celebrate the publication of Deborah Woodward and Giuseppe Leporace’s translation, The Dragonfly by Amelia Rosselli.

We’ll be at The Speakeasy in the Shafer Baillie Mansion, located in Capitol Hill at 907 14th Avenue East Seattle, WA 98112. The reading will start around seven and end at nine. I hope you can join us.

Here is one of Rosselli’s poems:

The inferno of light was love. The inferno of love
was sex. The inferno of the world was oblivion to the
simple rules of life: stamped papers and a simple
protocol. Four beds face down on the bed four
dead friends with a gun in hand four false notes
of the piano that are cause for hope.
–Amelia Rosselli

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