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MonkeyBicycle8 – Order Now and Receive a Free Issue

My story, “Hunger,” will appear in the new issue of MonkeyBicycle. This from the good folks at MonkeyBicycle:

Order before March 15th and get a free back issue! Just list the one you want (either four, five, six, or seven) in the Note to Seller section at check-out and we’ll make sure it’s included with your Monkeybicycle8 order.

Click here to order and receive your free back issue.

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Hippie Tradition: Oxymoron?

It often seems that not only were the hippies in their twenties hostile to folks who was older (don’t trust anyone over thirty) but they also applied this hostility to anyone who was younger. How often have you heard an old hippie say, “You weren’t theeeere, man.” How would it be possible given this stance to create a tradition or legacy? I think that such a project is antithetical to the hippies. They probably see the phrase, “hippie tradition” as an oxymoron. I think this might account for the popularity among hippies of the quote attributed to both Grace Slick, and Robin Williams, and whose origin has been appropriately be lost, “If you remember the sixties you weren’t there.” And yet the hippies managed to have a lot of children and even managed to get very, very old.

A search in Google for the phrase “hippie tradition” actually turns up the term in active usage.

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