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Writer-In-Residence at So Now | Necessary Fiction

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August Writer in Residence at Necessary Fiction

I’m looking forward to posting a work of fiction every day in August as the Necessary Fiction writer-in-residence, following the really excellent work of William Walsh (July) and Roxane Gay (June).

I think I’ve taken a slightly different tack. I wish I could deal with the pressure of just writing a piece a day and posting it. I write almost every day, but I’m not under any illusions that my daily production is anything except something to collect and refine and possibly turn into something somewhat interesting at some point after a lot of work. My daily production is probably no more or less interesting than any monologue you can hear at the back of a city bus. Instead, I plan on running essentially six different series through the month that may lead to a month’s time a kind of buckshot approach to some of my current preoccupations with the short story

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