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Series A Reading in Chicago – A Report

Virtual ChicagoSo my business in Chicago was completely virtual, or rather it had been enabled by the virtual although it was going to happen in rooms with other people. Echoes of the virtual would layer over everything that happened. In meeting Bob Archambeau, the first thing he said was, I saw you updated your blog.

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Series A – Hyde Park Reading

Tomorrow I’ll be reading with Kass Fleischer and Robert Archambeau at Series A in Hyde Park. Thanks to Mr. Archambeau on info regarding Ms. Fleischer… Free of Charge: Tuesday April 24, 7:00 PM, Hyde Park Art Center 5020 S Cornell Ave, Chicago, IL.

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Quimby’s Bookstore Report: A Region of Brick

Quimby's Indie Bookstore
I realized immediately after I entered Chicago from O’Hare, that I knew nothing (really) about Chicago. This is what I know about Chicago: I have read books set in Chicago and I’ve talked to people from Chicago. The people I’ve talked to from Chicago often complain about hot dogs in other cities. Since hot dogs hardly seem like edible food, perhaps in Chicago they are good?

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Michael Upchurch on O Street by Corrina Wycoff in The Seattle Times

There’s no getting around it: This is one grim, tough, upsetting book. Yet it’s also shot through with a painful radiance and level intelligence that keep you with it every step of the way. — The Seattle Times

P.S.: Corrinna Wycoff will be reading at Jack Straw this May.

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Matthew Stadler Leaves Clear Cut Press

At a bizarrely controverisal party/fundraiser in Seattle last weekend, editor and co-founder of Clear Cut Press, Matthew Stadler, announced that he was turning over the reigns to his business partner Rich Jensen and leaving the small publishing company.


The second series of the press (due to start coming out this fall) will include “Bruce Benderson’s gothic travel memoir, Pacific Agony, commissioned by Clear Cut and being published simultaneously in French, by Rivage (Bruce is the only foreigner ever to win the coveted Prix de Fleur); newcomer Danielle Dutton’s groundbreaking S P R A W L, a prose poem that jams Lisa Robertson’s intelligence and music into a Jane Austen-ish scrutiny of the manner of being in those new landscapes we continue to call suburbs.”

Reported by Chas Bowie in The Portland Mercury.

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Justin Dobb’s Interview of Tao Lin

Justin Dobb‘s posted an interview with Tao Lin on his current blog yesterday that is to my tin ears excellent for the most part, although Dobb’s asks Tao Lin about Northwest Writing and Lin really has no comment. But having no comment doesn’t stop either from generating text, such as this:

Dobbs: Do I frighten you?
Lin: Main Ho said that fear is something you feel when you feel afraid. Ithink that’s right. I don’t fear you.

Tao Lin will soon have a book(s) released from Melville House. He has been working the internet for that last couple of years. One of the (to me) interesting things that happened with him a year or so ago was a fizzeled project between him and Kevin Sampsell. Future Tense Press, Sampsell’s press, was going to publish a chapbook by Lin. Sampsell had some editorial changes (being the publisher). Lin (being the author) didn’t want to make any chanes. So Future Tense didn’t publish the book. While this is a standard kind of conflict, Lin published the entire exchange on his blog. I found the whole thing interesting in that it made the exchange completely transparent, it used the transaction between the two parties as a method of generating text around the project, and finally continued to emphasize ways in which the the virtual world creates new problems for publishers and writers but also by turning the virtual existence of the author into text created a cloud of extra-information around a book.

Anyway, here is Dobb’s interview on his site. If he removes his blog or post, I dropped the whole thing below.

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Chicago Bookstore Readings

Matt Briggs ChicagoI’ll be reading this next week (if you happen to be in Chicago) at Quimby’s (1854 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 tel. 773-342-0910) on Sunday April 22nd (4 pm.) and at Series A on Tuesday April 24th in Hyde Park at 7 p.m.

At Quimby’s I’ll be reading out loud curtsey of Punk Planet with Ann Elizabeth Moore (editor of Best American Graphic Novels, author of Hey, Kidz! Buy This Book, etc.) and Patrick Somerville (author of Trouble). Mr. Sommerville has possession of a boomerrang and says he actually knows how to throw it so that it will return to his hand. I’m hoping to take lessons. I used to try to throw bommerrangs over my brother’s head so that it would sail past him and return to my hand. Instead thes stick whirled into his shin. He yelped.

At Series A, I’ll be reading with Robert Archambeau and the mysterious Kass Fleicher. Archambeau is the author of the forthcoming (forthwith) book Laureates and Heretics, 2004’s Home and Variations, and others. Kass Fleicher lives in a windowless room overlooking a remote North Dakota mountain.

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New Issue of the the Steel City Review

The second issue of the Steel City Review has been posted with new stories by GK Wuori, Barbara Jacksha, Margot Miller, Jeff Tannen, Mark Spencer and Tania Hershman.

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Speaking Naturally Lullaby

My daughter wrote a lullaby and then tried to dictate it into Dragon Naturally Speaking. (The program works very well with clear, Standard American English. It works less well with a six-year old’s speaking style. One of the many surprises with the program is that it won’t generate text that isn’t in the dictionary. Instead with any noise, it will attempt to ascribe a mechanical lexical meaning. Here is what is my daughter’s production:


mom oh and
a new who know
client Clark clack
now how I wound
bye-bye bye

The attempt at a correction: lullaby neon mom oh and I knew who client Clark client now how I wound buy buy buy a lullaby neon, I client Clark client how I wound buy buy a lullaby I client Clark client how I wound buy I will in fact is you in a but what you are.

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