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More Using Global Media

A note from Matthew Stadler:

Once again, I am teaching a workshop. It might be of interest to you or a friend. Details are available at

(You can also find ongoing reports from this current class there which make for a free and easy way to eavesdrop to hear what was going on.)

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Steel City Review in The City Paper

steelcityreview.gifA note from the editors of the Steel City Review which will go live on January 26th:

The first issue of the Steel City Review is almost here. It will be “live” ( Friday afternoon, and we’re sure you’ll like the stories we gathered for our debut! Enjoy stories by Claudia Smith, Steve Fellner, Maggie Shearon, Donna Vitucci, Marc Lowe, Sharon Knauer, Ejner Fulsang, Matt Briggs, and Vanessa Gebbie.

Pittsburgh’s City Paper has an article about the new lit mag.

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From One Reel Regarding the Balloon Man Situation

Hey there Matt,

We are very sorry for the extremely delayed response to your email!

Thank you for sharing your comments with us about Bumbershoot 2006. We
are very sorry to hear about your situation with the balloon man. We
apologize for the completely unprofessional way he interacted with you and
your daughter.

We certainly hope you were able to enjoy the rest of your time at the
festival, and hope to see you at Bumbershoot 2007!

Thanks for your support,
Bumbershoot Information

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Watch For Ice – Movie

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Winter Reading in the Pacific Northwest

JANUARY 24TH (Bothell)
Next week on Wed. I am going to read from Shoot the Buffalo and conduct short lit-game, and the excellent musician Eli Moore whose first solo album is about to be released at any moment will play his songs. We’re going to do this at lunchtime (1:30 p.m.) at the UW Bookstore in Bothell on the Cascadia CC / UW Campus. JANUARY 24TH Wed.1:30 PM (University Book Store (Bothell) 18325 Campus Way NE, Suite 102 Bothell (Up North) 425 352-3344)

Stacey Levine (Frances Johnson) and I will read in Seattle’s UW Bookstore at 7:00 p.m. JANUARY 29TH MON 7:00 PM (UW Bookstore 4326 University Way NE Seattle 206.634.3400)

On the day after Valentine’s day, I’ll be in Portland, OR to read at Phase One (Words + Music). Phase One is hosted by Garett Strickland at the Someday Lounge in Portland (125 NW 5th, between Couch and Davis). Doors at 8. $5.

I’ll be reading at Western Washington University in Bellingham at 4 pm. Not sure which room, etc. (

Sunday March 18th, I’ll be at the Everett Public Library. (2702 Hoyt Avenue; 425-257-8000; 2 pm. free.

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Cut Up Engine

Okay, now I don’t get to sleep. Just had this pointed out to me. A cut up engine (ala W. Burroughs or Brion Gysin) which is like a blender for your text. Check it out. or this a Burroughs-load of text generators and auto-text mashers.

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Tiny Vispovie by Nico Vassilakis

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I would like my Rimbaud on 10% Hemp Paper, Please

Finally a reason to go to a bookstore, becuase when this thing rolls out, the bookstore will always have the book you want, they’ll have the book you’ve written in stock, and if you are curious about the book written by your cubicle mate, they’ll have it, too.

Another way of looking at this, is that the race is on betwen a beatiful handheld book reader using digital ink and a books-on-demand machine capable of producing beatiful handheld books.

In all of this racing though, it doesn’t look look good for the old fashioned bookstore. I doubt though that the chains, large businesses, will be able to deal with the transformation of the bookstore. What will a bookstore look like when you can buy/download any book? Will it just be a box to choose paper, see a writer read, and meet with fellow readers? Will it be more like Cold Stone Creamery than a Baskin n’ Robbins?

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