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Live, Tonight, Free and Warm Reading/Shindig at The Henry


READINGS WITH FOOTNOTES: Jonathan Raban is going to read about an encounter with England’s gloomy genius Philip Larkin. Matt Briggs is going to read a very short story involving a peach and an earwig. John Olson is going to read a prose poem that seems to boil insanely from within. Between readings by these past Stranger literary Geniuses [and now presumably washed up], various Stranger editors will present footnotes—alluring images, true histories, sidelong connections, and obitutaries. By the way, the Henry’s exhibition Take the Cake is up for two more weeks. Henry Art Gallery, 15th Ave NE and NE 41st St, 543-2280. 7 pm, free.) — Christopher Frizzelle, Stranger Suggests.

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The Counterfeit Order of Things: Procedures, Poems, and Laurie Blauner

allthis.jpgSeattleite Laurie Blauner has been steadily releasing poetry collections in for years and I rarely see any mention of her work anywhere which makes me wonder how many writers like her are lurking in the kitchens and basements of Seattle? Cherry Grove Collections just released a book of poems, All of this Could be Yours. Her next novel, Infinite Kindness, will be released this winter. She’s will read from both books at Richard Hugo House next month ( Saturday, 20 January 2007 at 2 pm in the cabaret.)

I’ve been struggling through Michel Foucault’s The Order of Things, a book that is actually pretty lucid compared to Discipline and Punish and compared to some post-modern or Marxist stuff I sometimes to try to read, Foucault is downright jargon-free(tm). My interest in this book has been learning how information is organized and how we came to develop our organization of symbols. The alphabet is a paradox to me. Why does C follow B?

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James Bertolino

bertolino.jpgRon Silliman has written a brief appreciation of James Bertolino and answers the mystery of how a poet like Bertolino can end up an island like Guemes, off the shore of Fidalgo Island.

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Seattle PI on Take the Cake


“Take the Cake: Celebrating the Stranger Genius Awards” was the Henry Gallery‘s idea, and credit goes to it and the curators it hired for pulling it off: Sara Krajewski in visual art, Lane Czaplinski for theater, Matthew Stadler for literature, Peter Lucas for film and Eric Fredericksen for organizations.

Highlights include (who’d have guessed?) all the writers. — Regina Hackett, Seattle PI (Full Article)

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Reading at Vashon Island Library


If you are on Vashon Island on Sunday, I’ll be reading at the King County Library at 2 p.m. from my novel Shoot the Buffalo.

A brief article in the Vashon Island Loop. (PDF)

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The Stranger Luvs The New Yorker


I don’t know what this means, but playing with Google’s search, it makes me wonder if someone at The Stranger holds shares in Conde Naste or at the very least is earning extra money selling subscriptions to The New Yorker? The only problem in terms of this scheme is that the coverage for The New Yorkeris so pervasive in The Stranger, I feel as if The Stranger is a kind of New Yorker digest. I even let my subscription lapse because it felt kind of redundant to read the same thing in two places.

Here’s what I came up in Google:

869 from over the past year for “The New Yorker”.
640 from over the past year for “local band”.
500 from over the past year for “Seattle band”.
249 from over the past year for “Seattle artist”.
105 from over the past year for “local artist”
56 from over the past year for “local writer”
41 from over the past year for “Seattle writer”.
31 from over the past year for “Seattle painter”.
31 from over the past year for “Seattle poet”
28 from over the past year for “Seattle musician”.
3 from over the past year for “Seattle novelist”.

To be fair, The Seattle Weekly

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Take the Cake


Celebrating Stranger Genius Award Winners 2003-2006

November 2 – December 14, 2006

presented by ArtPatch and The Henry Gallery

After hosting the 4th Annual Stranger Genius Awards Ceremony, Saturday, October 21 in the galleries, ArtPatch and the Henry Art Gallery present a survey of past and present Genius Award recipients. This exhibition recognizes the award’s role in celebrating artists working in Seattle, and their numerous contributions to our creative community. This year’s awardees—Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo (collectively known as Lead Pencil Studio) for visual art; On the Boards for organization; Jonathan Raban for writing; James Longley for film, and scenic designer Jennifer Zeyl for theater, join past “geniuses,” including visual artists Victoria Haven, Susan Robb, and SuttonBeresCuller, writers Rebecca Brown, Matt Briggs, and John Olson, performers Gabriel Barron, Sarah Rudinoff, and Chris Jeffries, filmmakers Web Crowell, David Russo, and Michael Seiwerath, and organizations Vital 5, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle School, and The Frye Art Museum. ArtPatch and the Henry present Take the Cake with the curatorial expertise of Sara Krajewski (Henry Art Gallery: Visual Arts), Lane Czaplinski (On the Boards: Theater), Peter Lucas (Northwest Film Forum, Cinema Seattle: Film), Eric Fredericksen (Western Bridge: Organizations), and Matthew Stadler (Clear Cut Press, Nest Magazine, Public Speakers, The Back Room: Literature).


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