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Trapdoor62 at Bumbershoot

Bumbshoot on Monday, 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm @ Alki Room
Bumbershoot’s Page

I’m performing “Trapdoor 62: The Dream Interpretation Panel” as a prince along with Stacey Levine (as Maria von Franz), Anna Maria Hong, (as a Chinook Salmon), David Stutz (as Freud), Garret Fisher (as Little Hanz) and emcee Jeanette Allee. Interruptions will be provided by Shannon Borg and Amy Schrader. We recently performed the show in the Jewel Box Theater and I believed we actually provided a great deal of relief to audience members afflicted by troublesome dreams. People arrived to our Andre Breton Tent Revival carrying their phantom limbs and neurotic fantasies and using our patented, scientific spiritual formula of medication and righteousness set them right. If you have a troublesome dream, write it down and come in to have your suffering transformed into a beautiful song.

Co-produced by The Po Show, Fisher Ensemble, and GlobalArts.

Trapdoor 62 a Bumbershoot pick at:

Seattle PI’s Books Editor Picks for Bumbershoot

Bumbershoot Lit Highlights from The Seattle Times.

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Using Global Media

Matthew Stadler will be teaching a workshop this fall, called “using global media.” It is intended for writers, artists, and activists. If you are reading this, perhaps you have an interest in using global media? If so, it may be worth your while, or maybe you know someone who might find it worthwhile. Thanks for passing the word along. Matthew Stadler has been an editor at large. He edited Nest Magazine “using global media” coordinating the production of writing for the magazine (with a New York, New York address) from the misty confines of Astoria, OR. For more info:

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Trapdoor 62: The Dream Interpretation Panel on Tuesday, August 22nd at the Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater

Using only words, an Indian harmonium, and a Sonabulist, a panel of writers and musicians will interpret the meanings of all your dreams. Before the panel, enjoy aperitifs and Surreal conversation. Bring a dream to be analyzed or receive one at the door. Featuring dream interpreters Sigmund Freud, Jungian analyst Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz, Little Hans, Mini Ernst, and the charming Sir-Pants-A-Lot. Baroness Jzeannette, the Teutonic ToughLove Tywrant will moderate the evening.

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The Seattle Times on The American Book Award

Two Seattle-area authors are among the winners of the 2006 American Book Award: MacKenzie Bezos for her debut novel, “The Testing of Luther Albright” (HarperPerennial), and Matt Briggs for his first novel, “Shoot the Buffalo” (Clear Cut Press). The awards, given by the Before Columbus Foundation, are in their 26th year and aim “to provide recognition for outstanding literary achievement from the entire spectrum of America’s diverse literary community.”

Complete article on The Seattle Times Web site

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Corset by Shannon Borg

Adam Zagajewski wrote of Corset, “Shannon Borg’s voice is hoarse and seductive. She sings like Ella Fitzgerald. Bars and boats are her abode. She wins by saying ‘I am lost.’” Ella Fitzgerald is right. For my own taste, in the war of ancient jazz singers I’m firmly in the Billie Holiday camp, or even in the shotgun shack of Geechie Wiley. The cruder and more model, the better. However these are elegantly crafted poems and just as Fitzgerald never lets you forget that you are listening to first class jazz singing, Borg reminds you of the pleasures of first class poetry. You can find the book from the publisher’s web site, Cherry Grove Collections.

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Famous by Kathleen Flenniken

Kathleen Flenniken’s first collection of poetry, Famous, is winner of the 2005 Prairie Schooner Prize in Poetry and has just been released by University of Nebraska Press. There was a largish stack of them at the Elliott Bay Book Company. Albert Goldbarth wrote of her poems, “There’s a winning surface modesty here: it isn’t Abraham Lincoln who merits the poem, but his oft-maligned wife; not Edna St. Vincent Millay, but her stay-at-home husband; not the Taj Mahal, but the everyday International House of Pancakes.”
You can find the book on Prairie Schooner’s site: or her site for a list of her upcoming readings:

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Some Links A Go Go


Anna Maria Hong on Doug Nufer and John Yau
As an old film noir soundtrack faded out, host Chris Putnam took the stage. Noting that the night’s event had no title, he proposed several based on anagrams of the readers’ names, including “A refund guy—oh, Juno!” and “Donahue, fungo, jury.” — at The Poetry Foundation

Doug Nufer’s New Book
The Mudflat Man b/w The River Boys – Ace Double format / one book in two (STRB-002) can be found online at soultheft records. Mr. Nufer is reading at Barca on August 22nd. I suggest you leave a walkie-talkie at Barca and come to the Rendezvous Tavern to drink and participate in Trapdoor62 and then listen to another reading while watching Trapdoor62! That’s just a suggestion, but it could very well work. It would be a reading in Ace Double format.

Get Your Novel Published
Fryan Masters recently sent me this note:
If you know anyone who has a snappy manuscript that has been
failed by the traditional route of publishing–perhaps you could send that lost soul to the site I work for now–there resides a contest whereby, if they won said contest, their book would be published and given the once over by a professional editor, book designer and they would also receive book coaching, consulting and OH SO MUCH MORE. Here is the deal, here. It’s twenty-five dollars to enter.

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Seattle PI on American Book Award

John Marshall: Three Puget Sound area writers — Karen Fisher,
MacKenzie Bezos and Matt Briggs — have received national awards for their
debut novels. — August 10th, 2006

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A day at the beach - Summery 2006

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The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat


John Olson has a new book? Who knew? Well aside from John Olson and Calamari Press. I just noticed that a new title had appeared in the list of his books on his bio and then looking at The Sleeping Fish magazine’s web site, I found they had a press and that one of their books is this book by John Olson, The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat. I hope the cat survived or that it wasn’t the The Riverside Shakespeare dropped on the cat.

Olson writes, “The night I thought I dropped Shakespeare on the cat I felt the reprieve of the man who accidentally goes through a red light without getting hit, the relief of the man who falls from a high cliff only to discover he’s been dreaming. But the relief isn’t immediate. It takes a little time.”

I will purchase the book from their web site.

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