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Lee Williams in The Oregonian on Garrett Stickland’s PHASE ONE:

Portlander Garret Strickland, 21, has never been to the KGB Bar, but he read about it and longed to re-create a spot mixing beer, cigarettes and top-notch writing. “KGB was the inspiration. I wanted to try to create the equivalent in Portland,” says the Ohio transplant, who couldn’t wait to turn 21, he says, so he could initiate “Phase One: Words and Music.” The first installment was in February. The monthly series runs every last Sunday night at the Towne Lounge in Northwest Portland. [read the article

I’m reading at Phase One Sunday night, April 30th.

The line-up will be:

Garrett Strickland, Kenny Bourbon, Steve Cleveland, Frayn Masters, Adam Gnade, and Matt Briggs

Doors are at 9 PM. Towne Lounge is at 714 SW 20th PL, right where Morrison merges into Burnside, one block up from PGE Park.

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Homophone Errors and Context Spell Check

I came across a homophone error in a document I was editing recently. Rather, the error had been invisible to me, the so-called editor of the document, but someone else spotted it immediately.

This is the third most embarrassing way to discover an error in a document. I’m not even sure what to call them. A typo seems to be an excusable error, a cough while reading aloud or a stray artifact produced by the generation of text. A homophone error on other hand seems like a mistake in word selection. This error signifies a lack of education, or a learning disability such as dyslexia or ADD, or laziness.

The second most embarrassing way to discover an error in a document is to have it discovered it in a printed copy of your work. The first most embarrassing way is to have it pointed out by a reviewer of your work. Publishing is an act of public humiliation. A masochist is at the heart of a writer.

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Virgin Mary in a Potatoe Chip, Peep on Man’s Back

From The Seattle Times on Easter:

Peep Apparition in Man’s Sweat by Jeanne Gold. Jerry Gold is the publisher of Black Heron Press, and the medium for the appearence of this peep.

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