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Review of The Time in Between by David Bergen

“I am lost,” Charles Boatman says in David Bergen’s new novel, The Time in Between, to a sympathetic expatriate, Elaine Gouds, who he discovers lost, herself, in contemporary Vietnam.

Book reviewed in The WaterBridge Review.

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Reading Under the Crushing Presence of the SeaHawks

I read/performed with Eli Moore and Grant Fairbrother at Isadora’s Books and Cafe in Snoqualmie at three o’clock this last Sunday.

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Take a look, a careful look, at the picture on I found on post “Book compost” at a blog called OnePotMeal. This is demoralizing on several fronts. Perhaps my book is an example of a high quality additive mentioned in his post? Or it could also be in dire need of an infusion of outstanding literature.

There is the equally disturbing aspect that I am scouring the Web so thoroughly that I actually uncovered this image.

A more positive note was uncovered on Bill Allegrezza‘s blog.

Otherwise Shoot the Buffalo has failed to penetrate the so called blogosphere aside from my own unending efforts here.

A while back, The New York Times ran an article about authors as googlebators.

Almost every author I know with a new book does it – the embarrassing, nearly irresistible, ritualistic dip into Internet-assisted narcissism.
— “What Are the Blogs Saying About Me?” by Pamela Paul

I am, thankfully, not alone in my furtive efforts.

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Snoqualmie Reading for Shoot the Buffalo

On Sunday January 22nd, I’m going to be reading in Snoqualmie at Isadora’s (8062 Railroad Avenue across the street from the Steam Train Depot) from Shoot the Buffalo. Eli Moore (Palisades) will play his music. Eli and I aim to deliver a complete reading with text and music integrated into a kind of complete thing cobbled together from the first thee chapters of my novel and assorted tunes written and performed by Mr. Moore. We’ll see if such a thing is possible, but it should be an enjoyable way to spend a rainy afternoon in any case.

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Almost Tops and Upcoming Atlantic Ocean Sojourn

In other news regarding Shoot the Buffalo, for what it is worth, the book was cited in The Oregonian’s Top of Best Books of 2005. I was cited, alas, as one of “several who didn’t make the top 10.”

Also, Clear Cut Press will be touring the western edge of the Atlantic Ocean at the end of February with readings in Philadelphia (Feb 24 > Space 1026), Queens (Feb 25 > MoMA P.S.1), and Providence (Feb 27 > AS220). Music and Dancing will be provided by Jona Bechtolt (aka Yacht), words will be read aloud by Stacey Levine and myself, and inspirational unwritten words will be spoken by Richard Jensen. Daniel J. Mitchell will represent the Clear Cut Sales Force.

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Year 2006

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